The name of the club shall be the Shuttles Club ("the Club").


The objects shall be to provide a fun and friendly badminton club.




Membership is open to adults and accompanied children aged 13 and above, subject to:

  • Total membership numbers not exceeding 60

  • Payment of termly or annual membership fees

  • The discretion of the Committee


Members are entitled to vote at General meetings of the Club:

  • There will be one vote per member

  • Decisions will be passed by a simple majority of votes cast at the meeting; where there is no majority the Chairman will have the casting vote

  • Decisions that are the business of this meeting will be the election of officers to the Committee & to accept or reject proposals by the Committee

  • Opinions or queries on matters concerning the Club may be expressed to any member of the Committee for consideration by the Committee.




The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and at least two other members, who shall manage the affairs of the Club.


The Committee members shall be elected by the members in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and may continue to stand, subject to re-election at each AGM. Any member wishing to propose a member for election to the Committee must confirm the willingness of the member to stand and advise the Secretary in advance of the AGM. Committee members not wishing to stand for reelection should give notice to the Secretary by the first Wednesday in May; less notice may be given in exceptional circumstances.


The Secretary will call an AGM each year and provide at least one month’s notice to the members of the date. The AGM will normally be held in September to allow for confirmation of officers and fees for the coming year.


The detailed roles of the Committee members are set out in a separate document entitled Members Roles. In summary:

  • The Chairman will ensure timely decisions & actions on behalf of the Club

  • The Treasurer will provide the financial services for the general running of the Club, including receipts, payments, accounts & fees

  • The Secretary will provide the secretarial services, including agendas, minutes, adverts & website

  • All members of the Committee will contribute advice & opinions on matters concerning the Club, attend both Committee & General meetings whenever possible.


Committee meetings:

  • will be held a minimum of once a year for the preparation of the business for the AGM of the Club

  • will be agreed by the Committee at the start of each year

  • may be rearranged if necessary for the attendance of members

  • may be cancelled at the request of a Committee member to the Secretary & agreement of the Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary due to insufficient business requiring decisions before the next scheduled Committee meeting

  • may be requested by a Committee member to the Secretary to address business of the Club arising before the next scheduled meeting

  • must have the minimum of 3 Committee members including Chairman & Treasurer in attendance to be quorate; the Chairman may agree a temporary Secretary for the meeting if the Secretary is unable to attend

  • decisions will be made by a simple majority of those present at the Committee meeting; the Chairman will have the casting vote where there is no majority.


Club Fees — For membership and guests shall be decided by the Committee on the advice of the Treasurer and endorsed by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Fees will generally be set once a year at the start of the year, but may be revised mid-year if necessary.


Financial Year — Shall commence 1 September.